Pacific Rail Engineering maintains momentum for major rail operators in NSW. Our success is in understanding the importance of wagons remaining in service. Our team of 50 employees provides timely professional maintenance and service solutions for both freight and rolling stock. 

Our two primary locations are based in Tomago and Chipping Norton which are reinforced by in-field service points in Nowra and Moss Vale. Combined, our sites enable us to offer a critical 24-hour site service where required by our clients to prevent downtime due to derailment or breakdowns. 

Our success and heritage are built on 29 years of excellence in 4 key areas for our customers;

1. Infield Service 2. Maintenance 3. Air Brakes 4. Wheel Sets

We work towards being the best we can be in the services we provide.

Being a reliable partner that has earned the respect of our customers by providing excellence in service and safety.

We believe in doing whatever it takes to get the job done. We pride ourselves in old-world values and doing what we say we will do.

In-field Wagon


Air Brakes

Wheel Sets

Team Members

Great business relationships start with a phone call. Get in touch with any of our team members today by contacting Lina Judd on +61 (02) 8718 4400.

  • Simon Hanson, Executive General Manager
  • Glen Starling, General Manager of Business Development
  • Chris Vella, Maintenance Coordinator (Wagons & Bogies)
  • Matt Walker, Operations Supervisor (Wheel Shop Facility)
  • Lina Judd, Reception & Administration